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Frenectomy Clinic 

Assessment of the functional movements of the lip and/or tongue. Education and follow-up services pre/post tie revision including wound management and oral motor stretches to promote optimal outcomes for baby and mama. 

Pump Rentals

Best Fed Beginnings is in the process of teaming up with URS Medical to distribute pumps at our office to mamas who qualify with their insurance programs. 

Lactation Package 

A complete package taking care of all your breastfeeding needs, including an individualized pre-natal breastfeeding education session and pre-scheduled follow-up visits at critical times for babies growth on the 3rd day of life, 14th day of life, and at two months of age. 

Individual Lactation Sessions

These sessions focus on the individual needs of mama and baby at the time of scheduling. 

Mama Support Groups

Facilitate a variety of community based support groups to meet the unique needs of mamas in SETX, including: NICU support group, post-partum depression support group, new mama groups, and more as available. 

Breastmilk Donation Drop-Off

Best Fed Beginnings is working to collaborate with the Austin Milk Bank to create the first breastmilk donation drop off location for SETX and SWLA.