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Kara Michael


About Me


My name is Kara and I'm so excited to meet other SETX mamas and babies to help them with their feeding needs. I am a SETX native who returned to the Beaumont area in 2013 after completing grad school. I'm married to my nerdy college sweetheart, Andrew, and we have one 'threenager' daughter- Natalie.  

I am so happy to bring a unique feeding clinic to the SETX area after personally realizing that there are very limited resources in our area for mamas/babies who are struggling. I found this out the hard way when my daughter was born in Dec. 2014. After struggling to breastfeed my daughter with a painful latch, every latch, for months- the ugly head of post partum depression sunk in. I made it my personal mission from that point forward to help mamas and babies so that they wouldn't have to go through what I personally went through. 

I am a licensed occupational therapist, which is the basis for my training in feeding and swallowing. I recently obtained my international board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) license after training with Christus St. Elizabeth's lactation department and passing my board certification examination. 


I am currently employed at Baptist Hospital of SETX, working part time in their NICU serving mamas and babies. I am also consulted to difficult feeding cases on our inpatient pediatric unit from time to time. 

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Frenectomy Clinic

Assessment of the functional movements of the lip and/or tongue. Education and follow-up services pre/post tie revision including wound management and oral motor stretches to promote optimal outcomes for baby and mama. 

Lactation Package

A complete package taking care of all your breastfeeding needs, including an individualized pre-natal breastfeeding education session and pre-scheduled follow-up visits at critical times for babies growth on the 3rd day of life, 14th day of life, and at two months of age. 

Mama Support Groups

Facilitate a variety of community based support groups to meet the unique needs of mamas in SETX, including: NICU support group, post-partum depression support group, new mama groups, and more as available. 



Coming Soon!